The first POTUS Twitter handoff in history is a dizzying spectacle

At noon today, the @POTUS Twitter account switched from Barack Obama’s hands to Donald Trump‘s hands, and followers were reset to zero. But it didn’t stay that way for long. Within 15 minutes, the account already had 3.62 million followers

Obama had 13.7 million and was still gaining followers up until the end. (Those followers were migrated to an account named @POTUS44.) We’re tracking the Trump account’s growth and will check back soon. 

Update: One hour later, Trump was up to 3.93 million

Update 2: Two hours later, Trump was up to 5.27 million.

Update 3: Three hours later, Trump was up to 7.23 million.

Update 4: Five hours later, Trump passed the 10 million mark. 

Update 5: Seven hours later, Trump had 13.4 million

Update 6: The plot thickens. After a number of users complained that they were being forced to follow the POTUS account under Trump, Twitter says it’s investigating a technical glitch. The account had 14.2 million followers as of Saturday morning.