How not to watch Trump’s inauguration

Today’s the day America has been craving or fearing, depending on your politics. Donald Trump will take the Oath of Office as the 45th president of the U.S. at noon EST. If you’re not one of the hundreds of thousands gathered in D.C. to celebrate or protest the historic occasion, there are plenty of ways to watch it. Here are some suggestions on how not to watch this transfer of power: Don’t just sit and watch the spectacle without consulting these resources:

The biggest unresolved questions facing the Trump administration, from Obamacare’s replacement to the shape of any infrastructure deal.

• Study this list of Trump’s nominees for the most important positions in his administration.

• Help update this constantly evolving map of Trump World, the 1,500 people and organizations connected to the incoming administration. 

• For live fact-checking, PolitiFact’s Twitter feed is on it.

• Don’t watch it on TV or Facebook Live, say some progressives who want to deny Trump the chance to brag about his “yuge” ratings. “It is also a small but effective way of demonstrating to the national media that we don’t want coverage of the show, but of the substance.” Rather, listen to it on the radio, they suggest. Or follow it via the New Yorker‘s Jason Adam Katzenstein live-drawing the event.

And if you really really must see it, here’s the video: