Is Adoptly the latest hoax from the people who brought us Pooper?

Could swiping right be your first step in adopting a child? Our guess is no. As you may have heard, a Kickstarter and website launched this week for Adoptly, an app that applies the Tinder model of swiping left or right on photos to the adoption process. It sounds crazy, cruel to prospective adoptive parents, and fake—hopefully, because it is.

The whole project is suspiciously reminiscent of the “Uber for dog poop,” Pooper, that gained attention last July. While on the surface, it looked like Silicon Valley had officially gone off the rails, in actuality that “app” was an art project its creators said was “satirizing our app-obsessed world.” 

And they hinted that there’s more to come: “We’re going to continue to put content out there that makes people question what they’re reading in the news, what they’re looking at online, and on a deeper level, what their relationship is to technology,” Ben Becker, one of the “founders” of Pooper told us when we broke the news it was fake.

So could Adoptly really be an extension of that? I reached out Adoptly—and also the Pooper team—to find out, but so far no response. I’ll report back here as I learn more.