The first project from Fox’s new VR venture is a “Planet of the Apes” experience

For the last few years, a highly specialized team at 20th Century Fox has been experimenting with cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality. Known as the Fox Innovation Lab, it has produced projects such as The Martian VR Experience and a short interactive VR film based on Wild

Now, Fox has launched a new division known as FoxNext, which is developing a range of “immersive, next-generation” entertainment based on Fox’s film and TV properties. Those include video games and content for mobile devices, as well as a series of dedicated virtual realty projects. The first VR effort is a Planet of the Apes experience made by Within, a leading VR production  company led by Chris Milk. FoxNext and Within are also collaborating on an original VR film called I Remember You with Annapurna Pictures and director Spike Jonze.

Fox told Fast Company that its innovation lab will continue to experiment with proof-of-concept work and that FoxNext will be the distribution arm for its commercial-level projects.  
[Photo: courtesy of 20th Century Fox]DT