Under oath, Mark Zuckerberg swears his love for VR

It’s no doubt inconvenient for the CEO of Facebook to fly to Dallas to testify in the trial where Oculus VR is defending itself against claims it stole its core technology from Zenimax, a company where key employees used to work. But, hey, if Mark Zuckerberg going to take the time, why not use it to get his true feelings about virtual reality on the record.

This morning, according to The New York Times‘ Mike Isaac, who’s live-tweeting the trial, Zuck took the stand, saying at one point that “I’m here because I think [Zenimax’s claims] are false and it’s important to testify to that.” He then summed up how he views VR technology, and how it fits into Facebook’s larger mission: “We want to get closer to this kind of perfect representation, so you can capture a moment you had.”

Although it’s not clear what the outcome of the trial will be, perhaps this comment from Zuck best sums up his disdain for Zenimax’s claims: “It is pretty common when you announce a big deal or do something that all kinds of people just kind of come out of the woodwork and claim that they own some portion of the deal.”

Zuckerberg, of course, has experience with such claims, having had to defend accusations that he himself stole the idea for Facebook from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, eventually settling those claims for $65 million.

“Like most people in the court, I’ve never even heard of Zenimax before,” Zuckerberg continued. “I know that our legal team would look into this and examine this but they aren’t going to take a lot of my time on something they don’t think is credible.”

[Photo: GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP/Getty Images]