My Favorite Bookmarks – Josh Silverman

Who: CEO of Evite




Surfing Manifesto: Most Web sites seem as if they are designed to make me spend more time online. I look for sites that help me get day-to-day things done faster, so that I have more time to spend offline, enjoying life.

I go to this site to find things to do on the weekend. It has everything from movie listings and restaurant reviews to a calendar of cultural events.

You can make dinner reservations online! Although the site covers only 11 U.S. cities, it’s growing fast. Sure beats calling six different restaurants, only to find out that they’re all booked.

You’ll find well-written, unbiased product reviews. I stop here before making a major purchase.


This site offers free film processing and inexpensive, high-quality prints. It makes sharing photos really easy, and it’s easier than going to a drugstore.


This is a great place to find a maid, a caterer, or even a clown for a child’s birthday party. Post a request on the site, and local service providers bid for your business. My mother posted a request for a maid, and within an hour, she got four bids!