• 01.09.17

Morning intel: pharma bro booted; when Facebook has commercials; FBI arrests Volkswagen exec  

• One-time pharmaceutical star Martin Shkreli has been suspended from Twitter for apparently harassing a Teen Vogue journalist. After the former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO got into a Twitter spat with freelance reporter Lauren Duca, she says he changed his profile image to include a photoshopped picture of Shkreli and Duca on a couch together. Twitter’s rules prohibit “targeted harassment.” 

Facebook is said to be working on a plan to let publishers run “mid-roll” ads during the videos they post to the social network. Recode, citing anonymous sources, reports that the feature would allow ads to show up in videos after people have watched them for at least 20 seconds, which of course is an eternity on Facebook. 

The FBI has arrested Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt in connection with the carmaker’s emissions-cheating scandal, the Wall Street Journal reports. Authorities say Schmidt conspired to commit fraud against the United States and Volkswagen customers. 

• Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is ready to fight fake news and take threats of a cyberattack seriously after a U.S. government report found that Russian President Vladimir Putin led efforts to undermine the American election. Merkel is planning to run for a fourth term this year. Her spokesman told reporters, “We know that one must reckon with the possibility of intervention in public opinion and also in the politics of another country,” Bloomberg reports.

• And finally, Waymo, the self-driving car startup that recently spun out of Google parent Alphabet, has developed its own sensors to go along with its self-driving software, the Washington Post reports. The package could give the startup an edge when it tries to sell its autonomous tech to carmakers.CZ