• 01.05.17

Afternoon intel: Staples remover; subscribe to a Cadillac; are we ready for a cyberattack?

• At Fordham Law in New York this evening, our Marcus Baram will participate in a panel discussion about whether the United States is prepared for a cyberattack. (Spoiler alert: We’re probably not.) Filmmaker Alex Gibney is one of the speakers. Check out the live-stream on the Fast Company Facebook page if you get a chance.

• Under pressure from unions, the United States Postal Service is halting its special arrangement with Staples that allowed private employees to provide postal services directly from the office supplier’s retail stores. Bloomberg has more on what prompted the reversal.

Are you ready to subscribe to a Cadillac? The luxury car brand said today it is launching on-demand access to premium models at a flat monthly fee of $1,500 that “eliminates the hassles of car ownership.” It’s also great for people who just like that new-car smell. Read more about it here.  

• The Daily Beast has an odd little story about a 55-year-old comedian who keeps trying to pass himself off as a millennial. In case you’re wondering what the cutoff dates are, we’ve covered that before.
• In a blow to the burgeoning world of fan-made productions, a federal judge has ruled that a Star Trek fan film does not fall under the Fair Use exception to copyright law. Paramount and CBS, which have been tolerant of fan material that doesn’t turn a profit, sued the production after it raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Ars Technica reports.CZ