• 01.05.17

Today’s most embarrassing brand tweet is a lesson in workplace diversity 

Today’s incredibly embarrassing cover of the Washington Post‘s free daily newspaper, Express, is a real-life case study in how diversity is good for business.

The original Express cover story on the planned January 21 Women’s March on Washington was illustrated with a crowd of women forming the “male” gender symbol

Soon after tweeting the image, the publication was taken to task by Twitter users and quickly deleted the original tweet, replacing it with a corrected cover and half-hearted mea culpa.

Aside from being a lesson in how not to handle a PR blunder, the mistake serves as proof that having more women on staff is beneficial. According to the American Society of News Editors 2016 Diversity Survey, women make up about a third of newsroom employees overall

ASNE’s 2015 survey numbers show even more disparity between men and women in the art department of newsrooms. Only 27% of art department staff are women.
Update: The cover image appears to be manipulated stock art, which means it likely wasn’t created by the paper’s  designers (both women). According to the masthead, the creative director and the top seven jobs at the paper are held by men.