• 01.04.17

Afternoon intel: Medium mayhem; a Slack for cops; Hulu scores CBS; Obamacare’s biggest fans

Medium is laying off a third of its staff and shuttering its New York and D.C. offices, founder Ev Williams said in a Medium post today. The cuts will affect about 50 people. “Upon further reflection, it’s clear that the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet,” Williams wrote. “It simply doesn’t serve people.”

• Poynter has a rather unsettling story about the rise of workplace chat platforms like Slack and what it means for newsrooms that use them for confidential discussions. The bottom line? Workplace chats are fair game for law enforcement agencies investigating criminal cases, so be careful what you say. 

Hulu has added CBS to the lineup of offerings on its forthcoming live-TV streaming service. The product is being positioned as a low-cost alternative to cable, but it’s unclear if cord-cutters will bite. Some analysts are skeptical that streaming services can lure large numbers of viewers who have already decided they’re not interested in paying for TV.

• Following Mike Pence’s statement that repealing Obamacare will be the “first order of business” for the GOP, supporters of the law took to Twitter to tell their stories en masse under the hashtag #ACAWorks. The tweets—many containing affecting stories of people who had been otherwise unable to get coverage—pushed the hashtag to the top of Twitter’s trending sidebar earlier this afternoon.