• 01.04.17

Morning intel: iHeartRadio teams up with Napster, AT&T to start testing 5G wireless 

• This morning, iHeartRadio is formally launching its new premium tiers: A $5-per-month ‘Plus’ plan that lets users save, replay, and skip songs, and a $10-per-month all-you-can-stream subscription service powered by Napster.

That magic future of 5G wireless may still be a few years away, but AT&T wants to start testing the technology in U.S. homes in just months, reports Bloomberg. The company has managed to hit speeds of up to 14 gigabits a second in trials.

• At CES, high-tech cycling startup Peloton announced that it is expanding into the out-of-home market with a new commercial bike meant for public spaces like hotel gyms. And Faraday Future unveiled the fastest self-driving electric car in the world: the FF91, which can accelerate from zero to 60mph in 2.39 seconds.

Ford and Toyota have teamed up with four smaller automakers in a consortium to hasten the development of standards for in-vehicle apps—a move intended to block Apple and Google from “controlling how drivers connect smartphones to their cars and trucks,” reports Bloomberg.

• And in a tweet, of course, President-elect Donald Trump sided with Julian Assange over his own intelligence agencies, noting the Wikileaks founder’s claim that Russia was not his source for documents released before the U.S. election. MB