• 01.03.17

Morning intel: Happy new year (if you live in Finland), SpaceX to resume flights, and new Apple Watch rumors

• Happy New Year! Especially if you live in Finland which, in a world first, is now testing basic monthly income for its citizens. Each citizen in the trial will receive 560 euros ($587) per month whether or not they find work in the future.

On Sunday, SpaceX will launch its first rocket since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded in September. It will be carrying several Iridium NEXT satellites.

Don’t expect major changes to the third Apple Watch in 2017, per China’s Economic Daily News (via Digitimes), which reports that its main advantages will be improved battery life and performance.

• Not quite #DrainTheSwamp: Twitter (and Democrats) exploded with outrage last night over a plan by House Republicans to weaken the Office of Congressional Ethics, taking away its independence and its ability to investigate anonymous complaints.

Bitcoin kicked off 2017 by soaring above $1,000 for the first time in three years on Sunday, capping a 125% increase in 2016, reports Reuters.

• And finally, I’ve got mixed feelings about NYC adding Wi-FI to all 279 stations in the subway system as of January 1. Today was the first workday and it was amazingly convenient to check email and Slack while underground… but I skipped my stop because I was so busy tweeting and I miss being forced to catch up on old New Yorkers during my commute.MB