Twitter CEO: An edit function is definitely needed

One of the features Twitter users most frequently ask for is an edit function, something that would allow people to fix errors in their tweets. Now, it appears that the company is listening and wants to do something along those lines—but it’s not entirely clear what such a feature would be like.

This morning, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey issued a call for the public’s ideas for how to improve the service in 2017. In response to numerous suggestions for an edit tool, Dorsey wrote that such a feature is definitely “needed,” but said he’s not sure whether editing a specific tweet should be allowed forever, or perhaps for just a few minutes

The difference in implementation matters, Dorsey wrote, as being able to edit a tweet in perpetuity is problematic because Twitter is often seen as “the public record.”

Unfortunately, Dorsey’s willingness to discuss an editing feature was not a commitment to launching one. So, stay tuned.DT