Morning intel: U.S. and Czech Republic fight back against Russian meddling, Facebook fumbles safety check feature

 • The Obama Administration is about to unveil a series of measures against Russia in reaction to the country’s meddling with the U.S. presidential election, reports the Washington Post, citing unnamed official sources. The Post says we should expect an announcement with those details as soon as this week.

 • On the official front, Senator Lindsey Graham has gone on the record about Russian cyber-interventions. “It is now time for Russia to understand—enough is enough,” the Republican politician said, according to Reuters.

 • The Czech Republic is the latest country to mount an official counterattack on “fake news.” The country is setting up a unit to look into media that promulgates misinformation, reports the Guardian. A lot of the false information being disseminated in the country has to do with refugees, the Czech government says, and are run by Russian websites.

 • Facebook activated its “safety check” feature yesterday in Bangkok because of a reported explosion. The problem, however, is that stories about the event cited a 2015 bombing. It appears two separate incidents—one from yesterday involving a man throwing firecrackers, the other from 2015—were conflated in many reports. Facebook told the Verge it relies on a “trusted third party to first confirm the incident and then on the community” to vet events like these.CGW