Why it’s been a bad week for video advertising

We started out the week with disturbing news about a major Russian ad-fraud scheme—ominously called “Methbot“—that has been using phony URLs and a bot farm to inflate video views to the tune of 300 million fake impressions a day. 

Now we just learned that Twitter has been overcharging advertisers by as much as 35% for video ads due what the company called a “technical error.” According to Business Insider, Twitter has issued refunds

Of course, all of this follows a slew of metrics mishaps from Facebook, which has copped to discrepancies on four separate occasions over the last few months. Most recently, the company said iPhone traffic for Instant Articles was being undercounted.  

The video discrepancies are especially concerning given that many newsrooms are pouring more resources into video with the hope that the premium ad rates video commands can offset CPM declines for traditional digital display advertising.