Hunter College receives harsh Facebook trial after Ivanka Trump JetBlue incident

The reviews are pouring in, and they’re all bad. New York’s Hunter College is the target of intense social media outrage today after one of its associate professors was reportedly involved in an incident with Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight at JFK airport. After the professor tweeted that his husband chased down Ivanka and Jared Kushner to “harass them” on the flight, backlash was swift. The professor’s tweet and entire Twitter account soon disappeared, but by then it was too late: Screenshots of the tweet were already ricocheting across the internet and stoking the ire of Trump supporters everywhere. 

With little information to go on, the professor’s workplace (Hunter College was listed in his Twitter bio), became the obvious target. Within hours, the school’s Facebook page had hundreds of one-star reviews. To many of the critics, the offending tweet seemed to confirm their well-entrenched belief that American colleges are bastions of liberal hypocrisy, where tolerance is preached but not practiced. “[A]nother example of the liberal left’s attempt at bullying,” reads one comment. 

We reached out to Hunter for a comment but have not heard back. Worth noting is that, by some accounts, Trump was not actually harassed on the flight, but rather the professor’s husband was agitated by her being there. Read more about the incident here.

[Photo: Flickr user Marc Levin]CZ