These companies responded to Obama’s challenge to help poor families get diapers

A third of low-income families struggle to afford diapers. And as any parent knows, clean diapers are essential to ensuring your baby is healthy and comfortable. But diapers are expensive: The average child will use 2,700 in their first year, which adds up to about $550. Poor families often pay more per diaper than their wealthier counterparts do, because they don’t have access to online deals or subscription services that are much cheaper. 

In March, Barack Obama challenged the private sector to step up. These are the companies that responded to the call:

• and First Quality invited customers to donate diapers online and has shipped 5 million diapers to nonprofits in 48 states.

• Huggies provided bulk shipments of diapers to the National Diaper Bank Network and with its partners donated 48 million diapers and wipes in 2016.

• Pampers donated 19 million diapers and 19 million wipes to food banks through Feeding America. 

• The Honest Company donated 3.3 million diapers and 1 million baby, personal care, and household products to the National Diaper Bank Network and other organizations. 

To find out more about how you can help solve the #DiaperGap, you read the White House’s blog post here

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