Morning intel: Sweetgreen to go cashless, Fancy Bear tracked, Yogasmoga files for bankruptcy

Sweetgreen plans to go fully cashless in 2017, reports Fast Company’s Ruth Reader. The fast-casual salad restaurant chain is betting on a future where restaurants are ultra-convenient and personalized.

There is more evidence that Fancy Bear, the perfectly named group of hackers linked to Russian military intelligence, was behind the hacking of the DNC, according to cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, reports the Washington Post. They compared the malware used in those attacks to malware used by the group to hack the Ukrainian military during its battles with pro-Russian separatists in that country. 

Yogasmoga just filed for bankruptcy, reports the Wall Street Journal. Three of the activewear brand’s creditors say they are owed $3.2 million.

• Very cool: These are some of the best photos taken by astronauts on the International Space Station, via NASA and Business Insider: