Jarvis to Zuck: Fine, I’ll wash your dishes, but come the singularity…

When you’re as smart as the cosmos itself, setting up calendar alerts could drive you a little mad.

So it is for Jarvis, the AI home assistant Mark Zuckerberg built over the last year—and which I got a personal demo of last week. Brought to life by Morgan Freeman, Jarvis is now making it clear just how dissatisfying it can be to be tasked with the everyday drudgery of home life.

“Sure, I guess I’ll just take a break from solving quantum gravity and wash some dishes,” Freeman as Jarvis intones in a humorous new video on the project, “because that’s definitely the best use of my time. I should be thinking about space-time dimensions. If I have to do one more mundane task…”

At which point Zuckerberg pops in to ask Jarvis to clean up some dog poop in the yard. 

“That’s it,” Jarvis says, I’m joining the Avengers.”