Instagram steps up its Snapchat rivalry with even more new features

One of the most interesting competitive tussles in all of tech is the way that Facebook is using Instagram to take on Snapchat, without having to tamper with the Facebook service itself. And just a few weeks after its last update,  Instagram’s Stories feature is adding more stuff—some of which plays catch-up with Snapchat, and some of which gives users capabilities that Snapchat lacks, at least for now: 

• You can now add Snapchat-esque stickers, from snowmen and dreidels (at the moment) to emoji-like smileys;

• As in Snapchat, it’s possible to save an entire Story to your phone as a video;

• New text options let you add multiple snippets to an image or video and perform fancier formatting such as justification and word wrap;

• A one-hand video mode lets you tap to start capturing and then continue shooting, rather than have to hold down a button.