Morning intel: Facebook’s confusing hate speech policy is leaked, Apple’s plans for desktops, Uber’s growing losses 

The Verge reports that a German newspaper has obtained Facebook‘s internal guidelines about content moderation. The rules are often confusing and contradictory. It forbids content targeting people based on race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation; but the line gets blurry when attacks target a religion or country. As a result, hate speech against migrants is allowed under certain circumstances because they are not within one of these buckets: “migrants are dirty” is allowed but “migrants are dirt” is not. 

• Along the same lines, we pointed out last year that Donald Trump has been allowed say things on Facebook that would ordinarily violate the company’s hate speech policy.  

• The families of the Orland nightclub massacre are suing Google, Facebook, and Twitter for providing “material support” to ISIS that helped to radicalize the shooter. 

Uber lost over $800 million in its third quarter, bringing its total losses to $2.2 billion. 

Tim Cook says that Apple has “great desktops” on its roadmap. It has taken longer than usual to update its iMac line and has focused, instead, on designing and selling new iPhones. It is also in discussions to start manufacturing products in IndiaES