Morning intel: Apple’s battles with the EU and its potential windfall under a Trump administration 

• Experts say that Trump’s victory means that large U.S. corporations might get huge tax breaks on the $2.6 trillion in foreign profits that are currently held overseas. Apple, which stores $200 billion offshore, stands to save tens of billions of dollars. 

Airbnb is developing Flights, a tool that allows you to book flights, competing directly with Priceline and Expedia, reports Bloomberg. At this stage, it’s unclear if it will buy an online travel agency or license flight data from an established player like Sabre. Either way, Airbnb is aiming to be a one-stop shop for travelers. 

• EU tax authorities ruled that Apple must pay $13.8 billion in back taxes. Apple’s general counsel is arguing that it is being unfairly called out because it is a “convenient target because it generates lots of headlines.”

Also in the news, Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s hotly anticipated smartphone game received negative reviews and caused the company’s shares to plunge by 11% since the game’s release on December 15. ES