Evening intel: Yahoo breached again; Uber drives itself into a wall

• Yahoo said today it was the victim of another massive data breach, this one affecting as many as 1 billion users. That’s twice as many as the breach it revealed earlier this year, WSJ reports.

• Less than 24 hours after Uber launched a self-driving car initiative in San Francisco, regulators are saying the company has to stop what it’s doing until it gets a permit, the AP reports.

• Meanwhile, the San Francisco Examiner posted a video that supposedly shows one of Uber’s self-driving cars blowing past a red light

• A forthcoming documentary from the directory of Bully recounts horrifying stories about women whose lives have been turned upside down by online harassment, often at the hands of vengeful ex-boyfriends. The movie has already raised more than $37,000 on Kickstarter

• Tesla’s Elon Musk, who is joining Donald Trump’s advisory council, is expected to urge the president-elect not to abandon the Paris climate agreement, Recode reports.

• And finally, Politico is reportedly severing ties with a reporter who tweeted an especially unflattering comment about Trump and his daughter Ivanka. The reporter, Julia Ioffe, was apparently leaving for the Atlantic anyway.