• 12.12.16

Evening intel: Uber exodus, algorithmic bias, SpaceX delay

Uber has lost at least three executives from its self-driving unit, Recode reports. The news comes almost two years after the ride-sharing company infamously poached top robotics talent from Carnegie Mellon.

• The Washington Post has a bit more intel on Wednesday’s big meeting between Donald Trump and top tech executives. According to WaPo, the meeting has no formal agenda and is meant in large part as a way to “break the ice” between Silicon Valley and the incoming administration. 

• With Google facing criticism over the many biases that show up in search results and autocomplete suggestions, the company held a panel discussion today on algorithmic bias. The event, moderated by CNN contributor Van Jones, took place at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, TechCrunch reports.

• Elon Musk’s SpaceX, still reeling from a launchpad explosion earlier this year, has delayed the first crewed flight of its Crew Dragon spacecraft, the Verge reports. The vehicle is expected to eventually transport NASA crew members to and from space station missions.

• And finally, can the man who destroyed the newspaper industry save journalism? The answer is no, of course, but Craig Newmark is still doing his part to make amends.CZ