If you don’t want to be stuck on an airplane next to a chatty cellphone user, now’s your chance to act

Sure, we live in a country where someone can lose the popular vote and still win an election, but that doesn’t mean Washington doesn’t want to hear what we have to say when it comes to air travel. The Department of Transportation is currently seeking public comments on whether it should adopt a rule to restrict wireless voice communications on flights. The FCC is pushing to allow in-flight calls, but not everyone is on board with the idea, so now the DOT wants us to weigh in. Without DOT restrictions, it will eventually be up to individual airlines to come up with their own policies. 

It’s not a decision to take lightly: Airplanes are one of the last safe spaces for lovers of peace and quiet (not counting fights to Orlando), and while the majority of passengers would probably be respectful enough not to yak in someone’s ear, it only takes one loud person to disrupt the entire cabin. (We’re looking at you, jerk in seat 22D.)  

What do you think? Do you want to keep flights phone-call free, or should we be free to yak and fly? Let your voice be heard