Born in the 1980s? This map shows your chances of being upwardly mobile

Researchers at the Equality of Opportunity Project have mapped out upward mobility rates for people born in the 1980s. The results were released today as part of a new report called “The Fading American Dream,” which looks at the declining percentage of Americans who earn more than their parents. 

As the map below highlights, rates of upward mobility—measured here by the fraction of children born in the 1980s who reached the top 20% of income distribution despite having parents in the bottom 20%—differ greatly around the country. Upward mobility is lower or nonexistent in large swaths of the deep South and Rust Belt but higher along the West Coast and Great Plains. 

The Equality of Opportunity Project is led by Stanford’s Raj Chetty and Harvard’s Nathaniel Hendren. Read the full report here.

[Photo: Equality of Opportunity Project]CZ