Evening intel: London is falling, tech giants target propaganda

• A coalition of internet giants including Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube are launching a program they hope will help them move more quickly to identify and remove terrorist propaganda. The new program would create a database of digital “fingerprints” that could be used to identify bad actors, the AP reports

• At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in London, tech investors warned that the U.K.’s capital could lose its cachet among startups in the wake of Brexit. They called on the U.K. government to “answer lingering questions about immigration policy,” Reuters reports

• The jury in the trial of Michael Slager, the South Carolina cop who shot Walter Scott, ended up in a deadlock. The mistrial comes despite compelling video evidence that Slager shot Scott in the back as he ran away.

• The new spaceship from Virgin Galactic completed its first successful glide flight. The company experienced a setback in 2014 when one if its spaceships crashed.

• And it turns out, there is no shortage of hubris among startup founders these days. About 20% of them think they are running a unicornCZ