Meet the 5 biomedical researchers who won the Breakthrough Prize 

The Breakthrough Prize award ceremony represents a rare opportunity for researchers to get out of the lab, and on the red carpet. One scientist—developmental biologist Roeland Nusse, who spoke to Stat News—realized after he’d won the $3 million award that he didn’t own a tux. 

Here are the five winners who got to attend the glamorous event in Silicon Valley and hobnob with tech billionaires: 

* Roeland Nusse: A Stanford University developmental biologist whose lab focuses on “growth, development, and integrity of animal tissue.”

* Stephen Elledge: A Harvard-based biologist who studies how cells repair damaged DNA. 

* Harry Noller: A molecular biologist known for his deep research on the  structure of ribosomes, tiny particles consisting of RNA and associated proteins that are found in large numbers of living cells. 

* Yoshinori Ohsumi: A Japanese biologist who won the Nobel Prize in physiology for his discovery of the cell recycling process known as autophagy.

* Huda Yahya Zoghbi: Baylor College of Medicine medical researcher who focuses on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among other diseases.CF