Danish prosecutors file charges against Uber for allegedly contributing to taxi law violations

Danish prosecutors have filed charges against Uber’s European hub in the Netherlands for allegedly aiding in the operation of illegal taxi services, according to the Denmark Local. The new complaint against Uber comes after the Eastern High Court upheld a ruling that said a 28-year-old Uber driver was running an illegal taxi company. That Uber driver was part of a larger case involving six taxi drivers. 

In response to the charges, Uber’s European representative Gareth Mead, issued the following response to the Local:

“We welcome the opportunity to clarify our legal position to the prosecutor. The Uber app will continue to be available in Denmark while this process is ongoing, helping create opportunities for 2,000 drivers and their families in Copenhagen. More than 300,000 Danes have signed up to rideshare with Uber so it is encouraging that the government intends to modernise regulations, something that’s urgently needed for the benefit of citizens.”