Evening intel: Hollywood’s broken windows theory, SpaceX aims for a new launch

• Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. are trying to convince movie theater owners to shrink the traditional 90-day release window. If successful, movies could end up in the home market in as little as two weeks after they appear in theaters, Bloomberg reports. But that won’t be easy: Cinema chains have long resisted shorter release windows, insisting they cut into their bottom lines.

• After suffering a high-profile launch pad accident earlier this year, SpaceX is ready to aim for the stars again. The company is hoping for a mid-December launch, the AP reports.

NFL games are coming to CBS’s streaming video service, All Access, in the latest move to attract viewers who don’t have a traditional cable subscription and haven’t bothered to hook up one of those digital antennas.

• And speaking of attracting viewers, Amazon is hoping to do more of that, too. The company is adding HBO and Cinemax to Amazon Prime. The extra channels will cost you, though: $15 a month for HBO and $10 a month for Cinemax.

• Not only is there no free lunch, it turns out, there’s no free ride, either. All those cheap Uber rides are coming at enormous cost to the company itselfreportedly to the tune of $2 billion a yearCZ