Looking beyond profit, what are the most “just” companies in the world?

Forbes and the nonprofit group JUST Capital have come together to look into the best-performing companies beyond mere business and profit metrics. The list looks at issues the public considers most important and squares those issues with how top companies’ policies fit in with them. 


According to the findings, the issues that the public considers most important for businesses to tackle are:

 • “Providing a fair pay for industry and job level”

 • “Non-discrimination in hiring, firing, and promotion practices”

 • “Providing a safe workplace”

 • “Following laws and regulations”

 • “Respecting workers”

 • “Creating jobs in the U.S.”

Based on these metrics, JUST looked into nearly 1,000 publicly traded companies and evaluated which performed the best, or most “just.”

Here are a few results: PepsiCo prevailed in the “food, beverage, and tobacco” industry; Marriott won for the “consumer services” space; and for “internet software and services,” Alphabet beat out the others. Here’s a link to the full list.

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