Evening intel: Breitbart the cereal killer, UberEATS gets hungrier

• A day after Kellogg Co. said it would no longer advertise on, the conservative news outlet launched a boycott of the cereal brand. The salvo sparked a hashtag, #DumpKelloggs, which featured prominently on Twitter‘s trending sidebar this afternoon.

UberEATS suddenly revamped its compensation structure in Toronto so that delivery drivers and cyclists there make less money, the Toronto Star reports. The changes will reportedly result in wage cuts of 30% to 50%. 

• Twitter is bringing its curated Moments feature to mobile. The feature, which was already available on desktop, allows users to hand-curate tweets based on topical news events. It’s perhaps a way to cut down on the noise and make the social network more palatable, which is a way of saying less Twitter-like.

• Tobacco giant Philip Morris has launched a new, supposedly safer type of cigarette in the U.K.: All the nicotine without those nasty toxins. The “safer” claims haven’t been externally verified, BBC reports, but then when have tobacco companies ever lied to—oh, wait. 

• And speaking of safer junk, some candy wizards at Nestle have supposedly figured out a way to make chocolate with 40% less sugar, which I guess means you can eat 40% more of it. Let’s hope old Slugworth isn’t onto them. CZ