Spark, an iOS email superstar, is now available for the Mac

Back in February my daily life as a productive person became meaningfully happier when Readdle released the iPad version of Spark, an email app that debuted on the iPhone in 2015. Now the company is following up with a long-promised version of the app for MacOS.

What makes Spark so good? It’s a combination of polish, simplicity, and depth. Its Smart Inbox does an excellent job of combining the most important messages from multiple email accounts into one list of messages that you can handle efficiently with just a few clicks. But if you want to tinker, the app offers plenty of opportunity to tweak how it sorts mail, set up multiple signatures, create custom keyboard shortcuts, and on and on. Readdle has done a nice job of creating something that feels like both Spark and a Mac app: For instance, it supports the new MacBook Pros’ Touch Bar right out of the gate.

Spark is free. Like a number of purveyors of email apps, Readdle hopes to make money by introducing advanced features tailored to business users.