Thousands of employees rally for the first “Fight for $15” protests since Trump’s win

Workers across the country are walking off their jobs, clogging major streets, and facing arrests this morning in a national “Day of Disruption” planned by the Fight for $15 campaign, which advocates for a national minimum wage of $15. 

In more than 340 cities, Reuters reports, organizers have targeted several major companies and organizations in the demonstrations, including Uber and McDonald’s locations, where the movement originated four years ago. In New York, employees, activists, and city officials marched up Broadway from Zuccotti Park, during which more than two dozen people were arrested. In Chicago, hundreds of luggage handlers and janitors protested at O’Hare International Airport, the country’s second-busiest flight hub.

Looming over the demonstrations is uncertainty about how the fight for a national minimum-wage raise will fare under President-elect Trump, who once said that the minimum wage was too high, but later expressed support for a wage raise as long as the decision stayed within states. 

Several states recently passed legislation to raise hourly pay, including California, New York, Arizona, and Colorado.JJM