Afternoon intel: Eight injured at Ohio State University, Chinese researchers ask for space budget increase

• A rebel militia in Central African Republic has reportedly targeted and killed members of the Fulani ethnic group, a U.N. genocide official said. The Guardian reports 85 civilians have been killed and 76 wounded in the last week during conflict between the Popular Front for the Renaissance of Central African Republic and the Union for Peace in Central Africa.

Eight people were injured at Ohio State University today by a suspect who was reported to have a knife. The suspect was killed by police, and a motive has not yet been determined. Officials originally made reference to an “active shooter.”  

• China is getting serious about space travel, as Chinese researchers have asked for a budget increase from 4.7 billion yuan ($695 million) between 2011 to 2015, to 15.6 billion yuan ($2.3 billion), with a goal to land on the moon by 2036.

• A new curved-screen iPhone could be on the horizon for as early as next year, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company report.

• Police body cameras might be ineffective at lowering crime, a new study suggests, though other studies have said otherwise.CD