• 11.22.16

Afternoon intel: Trump attends meeting with the New York Times

• After initially cancelling, President-elect Donald Trump met with the New York Times today. Upfront, he let the reporters and editors in the room know he thought their reporting has been unfair to him. During the wide-ranging conversation, Trump denounced Nazi celebrations in Washington, D.C., offered Jared Kushner as a peace-broker between Israel and Palestine, promised to stay open-minded about the Paris climate-change accord, and mused that prosecuting the Clintons would be a nationally divisive move. He also stood by his appointment of Steve Bannon, saying that had he thought Bannon were racist he wouldn’t have hired him.

• Also on the political front, Mark Jamison, in charge of tech policy on Trump’s transition team, has called for the dissolution of the Federal Communications Commission on the grounds that there are “rarely” telecommunication– or internet service-provider monopolies in the U.S. Jamison is known to oppose net neutrality.

Google Maps will now tell you how busy a place is in real time. The new feature is an expansion of its “popular times” product.

• A new wealth report from Credit Suisse indicates there will be 45.1 million millionaires by 2021. There are currently 32.9 million millionaires.

AAA anticipates some 48.7 million travelers will go more than 50 miles to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Roughly 89% of them will be driving thanks to lower gas prices.

Volkswagen is forging ahead after its diesel-emissions fiasco. The company says it plans to refocus efforts and dollars on electric vehicles and digital platforms and services. The company will kill 30,000 positions, create 9,000 innovation-focused jobs, and hopes to be selling 3 million electric vehicles annually by 2025.RR