Morning intel: AOL to announce layoffs, Facebook stops collecting WhatsApp user data in Europe

• President-elect Trump is reportedly meeting with South Carolina governor Nikki Haley today, who sources say is being considered for the role of secretary of state

AOL is announcing layoffs of 500 people today—5% of its staffaccording to Recode. CEO Tim Armstrong said the cuts will largely come from the corporate units and that AOL would focus on “regrowing especially in video and mobile.”

Facebook has caved to pressure from the European government and is no longer collecting data on WhatsApp users in Europe, though the decision may only be temporary. 

LinkedIn is now being blocked in Russia, after a court ruling deemed the company was in violation of laws requiring them to store Russian user data on servers within the country. 

Apple has grand plans to upgrade its next iPhone with organic LED screens. Problem is, the supply of OLED displays is limited, and demand for the iPhone is too high: The major OLED suppliers won’t be able to keep up, which means Apple may only be able to use OLED screens in one new iPhone model. 

• Coming up today: SolarCity and Tesla shareholders are voting on their proposed merger and are expected to vote at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. PT today, respectively. PM