Commit Resilience responds to spike in election related hate crimes

Resilient Coders, a Boston-based NGO that helps underserved communities equip themselves with tech skills, noticed that many of the young people it helps felt worried about the increase in hate crimes during the election season. (These crimes spiked further after the Trump victory, according to a watchdog group.)

In response, it quickly launched Commit Resilience, an apolitical organization that invites people to counteract bigotry by committing to carry out one act of service within their community that will promote inclusion and peace. Commitments are beginning to flood in, including statements like, “I commit to bake 10 pies for the Brookline Food Pantry for those who are hurting,” and, “I commit to tutoring and volunteering in underserved communities for my mom.”

It’s one of many grassroots efforts springing up across the country to counteract the anger and vitriol that emerged during this election season.