• 11.16.16

After Trump’s victory, Big Cable allies gleefully urge the FCC to back off

In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Tuesday, House Republicans said the agency should probably hold off on any grand regulatory plans for the next few weeks given that the incoming Trump administration will probably want to review any “complex” or “controversial” items. Wheeler, an Obama appointee, has been working on a number of ambitious proposals, including a plan to force cable companies to “unlock” their set-top boxes. 

Tuesday’s letter was signed by Reps. Fred Upton of Michigan and Greg Walden of Oregon. Both Congressmen have been cited as among the top recipients of contributions from cable industry interests. 

And they apparently have a long memory. In their letter, they happily reminded Wheeler about what things were like eight years ago, when the balance of power was shifting to the Democrats:

“As Rep. Henry Waxman and Senator Jay Rockefeller noted during the 2008 Presidential transition, it would be counterproductive to consider complex and controversial items that the new Congress and new Administration will have an interest in reviewing.” 

[Photo: Flickr user JHill]CZ