• 11.15.16

Morning intel: Tinder adds non-binary gender options, Twitter expands “mute” and hateful conduct reporting 

• Google, Facebook, Facebook, Amazon, and other Silicon Valley companies have written a letter to President-elect Trump asking that he support encryption and immigration reform

• Twitter just rolled out an update to its mute feature and improved on its reporting tools for hateful conduct, as part of the company’s continued efforts to make Twitter a safer space. 

• In a similar vein, Tinder tweaked its app to better address the needs of transgender users. The “gender” field in the app will now include non-binary gender identification terms, as well as a write-in option; users can also opt to keep their gender private. 

• Both Google and Facebook have taken steps to combat fake news following the election, by barring fake news sites from using AdSense and The Facebook Audience Network, their respective advertising businesses. 

• Apple is reportedly looking into creating digital glasses with augmented reality tech, according to BloombergPM