• 11.11.16

Evening intel: NY Observer stops the presses, college chaos, Facebook’s murder spree

• The New York Observer, the pink-tinted newspaper owned by Donald Trump‘s son-in-law Jared Kushner, is ending its print edition after nearly 30 years. 

• Everyone is talking about how it would be so great if the electoral college decided to honor the popular vote, but BuzzFeed pokes a hole in the theory that such a move would automatically award Hillary Clinton with the presidency. 

• A number of Facebook users reported seeing a strange memorial image over their profile pictures today, essentially announcing to the world that they had died. The messages seemed to appear indiscriminately and without warning—you know, kind of like actual death. 

• Speaking of Facebook—and the electoral college—social media was abuzz today about a plan for Maryland to abandon the electoral college. Too bad it turned out to be a plan from 2007. 

• And finally, the real winner on Tuesday night wasn’t Donald Trump but the media he loves to chastise. Election Night web traffic was gangbusters for news outlets.CZ