• 11.11.16

Guys, please stop sharing that 2007 article about Maryland bypassing the electoral college

An Associated Press article about Maryland’s plan to sidestep the electoral college is making the rounds on social media today amid growing criticism of the electoral system that gave Donald Trump a path to victory. There’s just one problem: The article is almost a decade old. 

Throughout the day today, the article enjoyed robust distribution on Facebook and Twitter from users who at first seemed unaware that it was from 2007. Many readers expressed disappointment upon discovering that the article is not, in fact, part of a plan to award the presidency to Hillary Clinton—who is currently ahead in the popular vote. 

The story also made the rounds on some conservative websites.

The confusion comes at a time when Facebook is facing blowback for its role in the rampant spread of disinformation that took place during the 2016 presidential election race.