• 11.10.16

Evening intel: bad People, IMDb sues California 

• Celebrities are urging a boycott of People magazine after the Time Inc.-owned publication ran a flattering cover story featuring “President Trump.” Recall that a former People writer said Trump sexually harassed her when she was on assignment years ago, a story the magazine’s editor corroborated. NY Mag has more.

• IMDb is suing the state of California over a law that requires it to remove the ages of actors upon request. The movie-info website has faced criticism from some actors who say publicly displaying their ages hurts their chances of  finding work in an industry where ageism is rampant. 

• Media giant Walt Disney Company reported disappointing Q4 earnings as its cable TV networks, notably ESPN, face subscriber challenges.

• With Donald Trump’s unconventional presidential campaign in the past, his actual presidency is looking like it will be a lot more conventional—namely, filled with a bunch of high-powered lobbyists

• And finally, what does a drone look like when its crashing in mid-flight? Check out the videos here.CZ