This design-forward flatware brand inadvertently helped stroke patients eat comfortably

Knork is a flatware company known for its beautiful and ergonomic designs. Each product is designed to adapt to the way we actually eat: Forks have sharper edges to help slice food, for instance, and fit into your hand in such a way as to require less effort when cutting food.

But the brand noticed that it was getting frequent letters from patients with limited hand mobility about how the silverware makes it easier for them to eat independently. The forks, in particular, allow them to eat one-handed.

Knork has now embarked on a pilot research study to see how patients are using the product in order to improve its functionality for them. Karen Burton, the medical professional conducting the study, says that because the silverware is elegantly designed, patients can feel normal at the dining table, where they might otherwise be surrounded by awkward medical devices.