• 11.09.16

Evening intel: Wave goodbye to California?

• We knew it would come to this. Hours after the reality of President-Elect Donald Trump sank in, angry California secessionists took to social media with a plan to cut and run from the union. Most experts believe the chances of a so-called Calexit are extremely unlikely, but then again, who believes experts anymore? 

• Markets typically don’t like instability, but bitcoin does. Trump’s unexpected victory apparently sparked a surge in the cryptocurrency’s value, BuzzFeed reports.

• Dish Network Corp. is still reeling from cord-cutting. The satellite TV provider reported a loss of 116,000 pay-TV customers in its Q3 earnings report.

Adam Bain, the COO of Twitter, is leaving the social media company after six years. He announced the move by—what else?—tweet.

• And finally, if only young voters participated in last night’s election, Hillary Clinton would’ve won by a landslide. This is how the future votedCZ