• 11.09.16

Why Amazon and Apple might have some concerns about President Trump

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump issued a few threats to some of the country’s biggest tech giants, including Apple and Amazon. In general, they were dismissed as rhetoric designed to appeal to his audience of supporters. Now that he’s going to be the 45th president, some are wondering if President-elect Trump will follow through on these threats:

• “I’m going to get Apple to start making their computers and their iPhones on our land, not in China.”

• When Apple was locked in a fight with the FBI over law enforcement demands that it unlock the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters, Trump sided with the feds, arguing: “Apple ought to give the security for that phone, OK? What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time as they give that security number. How do you like that? I just thought of it. Boycott Apple!”

• In response to the Washington Post’s reporting of his business activities, Trump threatened back in May to pursue an antitrust probe of Post owner and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: “He thinks I’ll go after him for antitrust. Because he’s got a huge antitrust problem because he’s controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing.”