• 11.09.16

Many Trump voters have been “hiding,” say San Francisco Trump supporters

It’s 9:46 p.m. here on the West Coast and even the most hardcore Trump supporters here at the GOP election watch party in downtown San Francisco are surprised at Trump’s showing so far. 

When I asked how the surprise showing could be explained, one young woman (in a bright red dress and a Trump cap) explained to me that many people have been scared or ashamed to express support for Trump. 

Especially in liberal bubbles like San Francisco, expressing such support might cause friction in mixed company, or with friends and family, she explained. 

I think she may be right. Whether or not you support him, talking about Trump, perhaps the most polarizing figure in American political history, is rarely a feel-good affair. 

The question, however, is whether or not the “hiding” phenomenon applies to polling responses, too. Could voters have misled pollsters because of a reluctance to admit support for Trump?MS