• 11.07.16

As the canned wine market grows, Whole Foods wants to be the category leader

Two years ago, Oregon-based based Union Wine Company introduced a wine in a can to make carrying and drinking wine more convenient. According to Ryan Harms, Union’s founder, customers are now bringing wine with them to new places, such as the evening commute home. It’s also introducing the brand to people who tend to be more comfortable drinking beer. 

As more wine brands begin selling products in this format, Whole Foods is hoping to be the place to buy canned wine. “(They) are dedicating shelf space to stock cans in their stores, which has been important as other retailers certainly pay attention to these trends,” Harms explains by email. He hopes that this will spur other grocery stores to follow suit.

Proving the cans aren’t just for summer. #pinkiesdown #winteriscoming #weekendadventures P:@adamjcon

A photo posted by Union Wine Co. (@unionwinecompany) on Nov 6, 2016 at 5:05pm PST