Morning intel: Samsung’s Galaxy S8, China’s new cybersecurity law 

• Barely two days before the election, FBI director James Comey announced that the latest probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails had not reversed the FBI’s earlier decision not to bring charges against her. 

• But on the heels of that came another allegation, when a new set of Podesta emails was made public by WikiLeaks on Sunday. Included are emails alleging Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc Mezvinsky used his ties to the Clinton Foundation to raise money for his hedge fund. 

• In an effort to move past its Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung is planning a Galaxy S8 smartphone that includes a digital assistant in the vein of Siri—though Samsung claims the AI technology will be “significantly differentiated” from existing offerings. 

• A new cybersecurity law adopted in China is raising concerns amongst foreign companies that are worried the new measures—which will require security reviews of data and equipment—could stifle competition.

WhatsApp is testing a feature inspired by Snapchat Stories, as Facebook subsidiaries (and Facebook itself) are wont to do. Dubbed Status, it would allow users to share photos and videos—with the option of including text and emoji overlays—that disappear after 24 hours. PM