Evening intel: Nielsen vs. ESPN, everyone apologizes

• Ratings giant Nielsen is standing by an earlier report that revealed huge subscriber declines at many cable networks. ESPN (the most expensive network for cable companies to carry) disputed the report. Nielsen pulled it down at first, but after an internal analysis, it now says the numbers are sound, Variety reports.

• Also from Variety, ABC has apologized after it was revealed that a segment featuring a crime scene was actually staged

• And while we’re on the subject of TV network apologies, Fox News offered one of its own after Bret Baier mistakenly reported that Hillary Clinton was facing an indictment, per THR

• Watergate the Sequel? Mother Jones cited two DNC officials who said the Democratic Party suspects its headquarters may have been bugged. Party officials also alerted the FBI.

• Body-shaming someone on Snapchat can result in an invasion of privacy charge. That’s what happened to an ex-Playboy Playmate who posted a nude photo of a woman who goes to her gym—along with some snarky commentary. Really, don’t do that. 

• And finally, if you need a ride to your polling station on Tuesday, Zipcar might give you a lift for free